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Blue lacy hog hunting dogs

Pup is located $800. May 29, 2012 · In 2005, the State of Texas designated the Blue Lacy Texas’s official dog breed. Lacy Dogs Lacy hog dogs Texas Blue Lacy Blue Lacy Lacy Game Dog Few other names that I've heard them called. I know a few years ago Roy had one weighed at the vet's office and he weighed 87 pounds (out of shape). Your true blue lacy dogs are not that big. You could call them gundogs as well. They are not real common because most people who raise them breed for them selves. Developed to be both hunting and herding dogs, they display great drive and determination to work with big game and control difficult livestock. Text 210. Blue Lacys are popular blood trailing dogs, especially in Texas, yet there is very little written about them and available in print. The blue Lacy dog is the only dog known to be an original breed from the state of Texas. A Blue Lacy dog is a smart, hard working dog, ideally suited to farm work, and active families with outdoor lifestyles. A great hunting, tracking, farm or ranch dog. Welcome to our MS Lacy Dogs forum! Join us to Learn About and Discuss the fascinating Lacy Game Dog breed Blue Lacy Dogs in general are intelligent, intense, active, and alert. Having been around herding dogs my entire life, you get used to the smarter breeds who sometimes end up training you! Lacy's are pretty quiet with super short hair and no hound smell to their skin. Kennel hounds, dogs and all kinds of cats The official registry of Blue Lacy Dog owners who want to do more with their dogs. Jun 09, 2018 · Best of Badass Hunting Dogs ⭐ Ultimate Hunting and Shoot Wild Boar Compilation⭐ *EXTREME Hog Hunting* Catch Dog Hammers Huge Hog - Duration: 12:33. We are asking $500 for the pair. The Blue Lacy is widely regarded throughout the Southern United States as one of the most talented stock working and hunting dogs. Hog Dogs: The Best Breeds for Hog Hunting Here are just a few of the best dog breeds for hog hunting. (Texas Blue Lacy Game Dog) This breed is also used for hog hunting, finding wounded deer, and treeing game. Trap lining is a form of predator control where traps are set for game that destroy habitats or ruin crops. Way to far  (Blue Lacy Game Dog). They only turn loose of the ones they can not keep. Devine, TX. Catch Dogs Catch dogs, as their name indicates, will carry through and catch the pig. Lacys are truly an all around ranch dog. The Lacy family moved to Marble Falls in 1858 and created a breed to be a cowboy's best friend. In the mid-1800s, brothers Frank, Ewin, George and Harry Lacy settled in Burnet County, Texas, and began breeding working dogs in order to herd their farm-raised hogs. They are easy to train, learning new skills quickly. THEY MAKE FINE COW DOGS AS WELL AS SHEEP DOGS. According to the latest statistics, the Blue Lacy is the most employed dog breed by the United States trappers due to their hunting skills. Four brothers: Frank, George, Ewin and Harry Lacy are known to have moved to Burnet, Texas in 1858 from Kentucky. Find puppies for sale, started dogs for sale and finished dogs from all sorts of different pointing breeds, retrieving breeds and flushing breeds. Jan 28, 2016 · Blue Lacy Dog Information and Characteristics: Its full name is Blue Lacy Dog. Sire and dam are working cow dogs in Avery, TX. " Nov 13, 2018 · The Blue Lacy is very frequently used as a hunting dog, and more breed members show very high levels of aggression towards other animals. Young dogs may have too much energy and drive for small children. He is the color of a blue heeler and short and stubby like a wiener dog. Welcome to the National Lacy Dog Association! We are a dedicated group of owners and breeders determined to keep this special breed true to its working roots. Weight should be approximately 11 to 20 kg for females and 16 to 25 kg (35 to 55 lb) for males. They are good on cattle and expect to be excellent on hogs. Oct 01, 2019 · Foxhounds, walker hounds, Leopard Cur, Blue Lacy, and the Rhodesian Ridgeback are all recommended breeds for this style of hog hunting. . Much like many Texans, the Blue Lacy is a working breed known for their fierce loyalty and active lifestyle. The Blue Lacy was developed from the dogs that were brought by the Lacy brothers when they moved from Kentucky to Barnet County, Texas in 1858. True Blue Lacy's favorite Lacy Dog videos. Hog Hunting. The Lacy family needed a well-rounded working dog who could herd, track, hunt The Blue Lacy needs lots of attention and exercise, but adapts well to most living environments. The breed is said to be a mix of scent hound, greyhound and wolf to heard wild hogs. include the Blackmouth Cur, Mountain Cur, Catahoula, Blue Lacy, Plott Hound, Walker Hound,  Full blooded BMC pups out of working cow/hog dogs. Jul 7, 2018- Blue Lacy, Lacy Dog, Lacy Game Dog, Texas Blue Lacy, Lacy Hog Dog. Blue Lacy’s are working dogs bred by the Lacy Brothers from Kentucky when they moved to Texas hill country in 1858. See more ideas about Blue lacy, Dog photos and Dogs. They started with a  Other Names, Lacy dog, Lacy game dog, Lacy hog dog, Texas Blue Lacy, Lacy Cur, State Trappers widely uses these dogs for rescue and hunting operation. The American Blue Lacy Dog Association’s mission: a: Promote and encourage the sport of trailing and game hunting to the Blue Lacy – a wholesome outdoor sport with historical background over many hundreds of years, with many fine national and international traditions; a sport for young and old, and for all. 11 Weeks Old, Registered with TLGDA. He comes from very old Lacy Bloodlines. Blue Lacy Dogs in general are intelligent, intense, active, and alert. These driven, determined dogs excel at herding cattle and hunting wild boar, and since their inception in the mid-19 th century, the Lacy has developed into a working breed for ranchers, hunters, cowboys, and trappers. Blue Lacy - Information, Characteristics, Facts, Names Blue Lacy's come in several colors. A working dog by nature, they are suited to a variety of activities, including both hunting and herding. The blue lacy was original bred in Texas for the specific purpose of hunting large  The lacy lineup by julie. Sep 26, 2019- Explore hdswann's board "Blue Lacy Dogs" on Pinterest. The Blue Lacy is an American breed of dog, first developed in Texas in the mid 19th century. Asking $200 o. Jul 23, 2019 · The Lacy comes in only three colors varieties: Blue, Red and Tri (which is blue with distinctive red tips). Black mouth and mountain curs, Jagdterriers, redbones and Walkers are sometimes also used as bay dogs, and Texans have bred something called a blue Lacy that I don’t know anything about. He's Rocky!! I'd start with a feeder hog and see how your dogs reaction. They are the state dog of Texas, but little known anywhere else. Objective ~ Offering a non-political, centralized location to obtain Lacy dog pups from breeders specializing in working Lacy dogs, and an additional registry to insure accurate lineage and record keeping for the future. The Blue Lacy dog is a breed of working dog that originated in Texas in the mid-1800s, and they are the only dog breed to have originated in that state. Apr 22, 2014 · Though gentle and plenty playful, Lacy's were bred to be working dogs. Dog Training . They soon proved useful for other ranch duties like herding cattle and hunting. They make driven strike and bay dogs that are usually short to medium in range with a warm nose. He is a breed standard registered Blue Lacy with the Texas Blue Lacy Game Dog Association. Cow Dogs for Sale: Blue Lacy Pup SOLD NLDR reg. Definition of Bay Dogs: A Bay Dog is a hunting dog which has been specially Hog Dog Rodeos which feature Hog-dogs that simulates wild boar hunting with dogs. They start them young in a cage chasing little pigs. Hunting for Shed Antlers with a Lacy Dog - Duration: 2 minutes, 15 seconds. Blue Lacy Plott Hound Stephens Cur Treeing Cur Walker Hound Bulldog 8 Aug 2019 An easy-to-train but highly energetic dog, the Blue Lacy, bred in Frank, and Harry — bred the Blue Lacy dog for hunting, herding, and other ranch nose makes it an excellent tracker of blood and game, including wild boar. Hunting dogs collection isolated on white. Brown owns 17 of these curs—“yellow dogs,” as he calls . Both of our dogs have been great with young children. I know they are a newer breed out of Texas and supposedly good as a ranching or hunting dog. Apr 19, 2012 · This blue Lacy is a working hog dog Perhaps the most well-known use of this breed is in hog hunting. See more ideas about Blue lacy, Hog dog and Dog games. com) you can find alot of info and a lot of good people on the forum page that will share info with you. It belongs to medium size type. 2013 and is registered with the Texas Lacy Dog Association. This breed of working dog was developed from English Shepherd, Greyhounds, scenthounds and wolves. Activities Apr 14, 2016 · In 2005, the Blue Lacy was named the State Dog of Texas, an honor that was well deserved. Please feel free to recommend other breeds as well and why you suggested the breed. Bay dogs are typically Cur dogs such as the Leopard Cur, Blackmouth Cur also known as the BMC, Blue Lacy, Catahoula Cur and trailing scent hounds such as the Walker Hound, Foxhound, Plott Hound etc. Magnum Blue Lacy Dogs. A Blue Lacy is a lightly built but well proportioned dog whose stature exudes strength, Trapping and our Outdoor Heritage No other outdoor issue has been as sensationalized as trapping, nor has any other issue had as much misinformation surround it. They mostly work cows and hunt hogs with them. They belong to herding group (AKC). “They can work cattle , but they can also hunt hogs and not bother the cows. Only breed to originate in Texas and if I'm not mistaken hybrid breed of Grey Wolf, english sight hound & greyhound. they also became known as blue lacy dogs due to their greyhound like color and as lacy hog dogs, because that’s what people saw them being used for. . The Blue Lacy is the State Dog of Texas. Lacys are intelligent, intense, active and always alert. The Lacy or Blue Lacy Dog is considered one of the finest wild boar hunting dogs . The goal is to have a great dog who can also track wounded deer. Entrenando a un Texas Blue Lacy en la caza del coyote an amazing working farm breed. Pig Hunting DogsHog Hunting Hog DogBlue LacyWild BoarBully DogPitbull TerrierWorking DogsPitbulls  Texas designated the Blue Lacy as the official state dog breed of Texas on June 18, hogs, and chickens, and also served as droving and hunting dogs; and. I have seen some of the more hog hunting specialized lines of dogs  Boar hunting dogs are split into two categories: bay dogs and catch dogs. Pet Service Fun hunt w land owners. Jun 28, 2017 · Wondering if anyone has long term experience with the Blue Lacy breed. Methods: At Monteria Kennels, we breed tight and cull inferior product through a strict registration process. The Blue Lacy or Lacy, is a well-balanced dog of medium size and bone. Americanlisted has classifieds in Shepherd, Texas for dogs and cats. The Texas Dog Manual, a new book by Sean Cockrell on Blue Lacy Dogs looks like a fascinating read. Hog Dogs Play all. Promoting and raising quality Tx Lacy's. K-Bar is available for stud services, please use the contact form or call for further information. National Lacy Dog Association. Good around people and a great ranch dog. He is ve Blue Lacy Dogs in general are intelligent, intense, active, and alert. Pretty smart too. Nov 13, 2018 · The Blue Lacy is very frequently used as a hunting dog, and more breed members show very high levels of aggression towards other animals. These dogs are both strong and fast, perfect for activities such as herding livestock, treeing game, blood trailing, hunting wild hog or even running trap lines. The Blue Lacy is very frequently used as a hunting dog, and more breed members show very high levels of aggression towards other animals. com is a great place to get the word out. Activities "This is Tuff. Developed to be both hunting and herding dogs. 5 males Blue and Tan Lacy. This will be Bear’s first litter. Developed to be both hunting and herding dogs, they display an incredible drive and determination to work. We have ten Blue Lacy puppies! Lacy dogs are hunters, trackers, guardian dogs, especially bred for hunting down feral Gainesville Texas Pets and Animals 600 $ Free hunting dog classifieds for the upland bird hunter and wetland waterfowl hunter. Lacy Dog. for sale, 3/4 Catahoula 1/4 Blue Lacy Puppies - 2 Males, 6 Females. Half of it is wooded and backed up to forest land. We have 9 acres that we are transitioning into a homestead. Unless you live in Texas, you probably haven’t heard of the Blue Lacy. Proud LDBA Breeder of awesome Lacy Game Dogs! Let freedom ring! That dog is so spoiled it is not even funny, and she definately knows who her "mother" is. Dec 14, 2011 · The Blue Lacy or Lacy Dog is a breed of working dog that originated in Texas in the mid-19th century, the only dog breed to have originated in that state. These dogs are hardy, adaptable, and able to learn quickly,   3 Jun 2015 - Explore iana73's board "pig hunting dogs" on Pinterest. Though the Lacy Dog certainly deserved this honor, the recognition has created several problems for the breed. The Lacy Dog: One Breed the Fancy can’t touch! One brother had an English shepherd, an unimproved collie-type dog, which they used to herd cattle. S. The Blue Lacy Dog. Jan 04, 2010 · Answers. Lacys were bred for over a century to be driven hunting and herding dogs. ” Tuff was a great dog! He was about 42 lbs. Hog Dog Blue Lacy Hog Hunting Loyal Dogs Animal Photography Elk Nature Photography Moose Animal Pictures Blood Trailing Seminar, Shed Hunting Seminar, & Rattlesnake Avoidance – Burnet, TX Kelle Wirt - Core35 Realty Apr 03, 2012 · They use Dogos! It's a cross between a pit bull and great dane. Americanlisted has classifieds in Austin, Texas for dogs and cats. Several sources say that the presence of the Lacy’s in the Hill Country influenced a famous novel “Old Yeller†as written by Fred Gipson, who was raised in a neighboring county. In Texas, the Blue Lacy is arguably the king of catch dogs, a breed sometimes called the Texas Blue Lacy Game Dog. The male was born 3. Catahoula - Blue Lacy Puppies for sale in Seguin, Texas. 3 Males left. They aren't very common anywhere except Central Texas. The Blue Lacy breed is the Official State dog of Texas. Wild boar are a major nuisance animal that frequently destroy crops. Lacy family’s ranching business went downhill with the influx of modern technology, resulting in the reduction of the Blue Lacy dogs number and pushed them almost to the verge of extinction. Hunt Terrier Club, Terrier Trials, Terrier Earth Dogs, Hog Hunting Dogs, Blackmouth Cur, Fell Terrier, Working Terriers, Catahoula, Blue Lacy, Hog Doggers Nugget is a blue heeler/ weiner dog. 7 weeks old shots and wormed. Lacy Hog Dog. There are theories around the scent hound used, with some believing it could have been an Italian Gray Hound, but whatever the case, the Lacy brothers established this Sep 16, 2013 · Dogs such as the blue lacy, catahoula cur, kemmer cur, leopard cur, and mountain cur all have natural hunting instincts and they are able to smell out the blood trail of a wounded hog. Texas Blue Lacy. May 15, 2009 · They were created to work aggressive feral hogs in the Texas Hill Country. They are known to replace the work of a cowboy by five times. Blue Lacy Puppies, American Blue Lacy dog, Texas Blue Lacy, Blue Lacy puppies, tracking dogs, hunting dogs, Texas state dog, ranch dogs, blue lacy breeder. The Blue Lacy, state dog of Texas, has a natural hunting instinct and has Not only were these dogs adept at rounding up the hogs, a group of them could herd   21 Nov 2008 Because feral hogs are extremely hardy and intelligent, hunting with dogs is often a Originally known as the Lacy Hog Dog, the breed was developed This article was written by Misty Dawn Brooks of Bayed Blue Kennels. They even know what  Popular "hog dogs" in the U. Developed in the Hill Country, a Lacy Dog should have all the skills and traits necessary to excel at hunting in our area. Got 3. See more ideas about Blue lacy, Dogs and Animals. The red, yellow to cream Lacy's are classified in color as red. b: Educate Blue Lacy […] Blue Lacy Dogs in general are intelligent, intense, active, and alert. If you are a Blue Lacy dog breeder trying to sell your puppy, puppyfidner. 2K likes. Catch dogs grip the boar, typically seizing the boar's ear. The Blue Lacy is now the State Breed of Texas. Tell me that doesn't look like Remington! Blue Lacy Dogs in general are intelligent, intense, active, and alert. This dog breed is very active and intelligent and highly adept at herding , treeing and hunting activities and track games. Ready for new homes. In Senate Resolution No. Another brother had a gray-blue greyhound, which was a great varmint dog, and another had a tamed wolf or coyote bitch that he’d raised from a pup. Blue Lacy Dog. Pair of Tri Blue Lacy Dogs for sale in Burnet, Texas. Rick Perry signed the legislation adopting the Blue Lacy as the official State Dog Breed of Texas. Lacy Cur. Similar to a herding trial, the objective is to control the hog, and the dogs are scored on their skill, style and focus. Mission: To promote the health and well being of the Lacy breed. Hog Dogs For Sale. He is about 20lbs. Re: Blue Lacy hog dogs Post by walkerdog » Fri Feb 26, 2010 4:03 pm I'm starting to really like their temerament, they are starting to handle pretty well and getting used to the hounds quickly. Blue Lacy Puppy - Registered Blue Lacy dogs are a working breed, blood trailing deer, hog hunting, working livestock. as the neighbors had opportunity to observe the working qualities of the dogs, they casually made reference to those lacy’s dogs which became lacy dogs. Grooming Needs The Blue Lacy needs minimal grooming: occasional brushing and bathing. My Lacy is a hog dog, she hunts in the woods and competes in bayings, and until she started truly working she had severe aggression issues. Hog Hunting/Baying with Dogs. They are all blue with varying amounts of white on their chests except for 2 girls, who are red. I am proud to be an owner/breeder of this magnificent breed. Blue Lacys are easy to train and easy to handle making Lacys incredible workers and companions. During the 1800s, this breed was developed to help with hunting, herding, and ranch work in Texas. CafePress brings your passions to life with the perfect item for every occasion. Aug 12, 2011 · Bay dogs are typically Cur dogs such as the Leopard Cur, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Blackmouth Cur, Blue Lacy, Catahoula and trailing scent hounds such as the Walker Hound, Foxhound, Plott Hound. Blue Lacy owners claim they are the perfect universal dog, knowing where to be at just the right time. Perfect age to train for this deer season. Dogs have the upper paw when it comes to sniffing, running and finding wild animals. Temperament and Personality These versatile working dogs have an alert and intelligent disposition, showing lots of dedication in guarding livestock, how fussy or difficult may it be, as well as retrieving games quickly without any training or guidance. 00 price will increase with training blue lacy The Blue Lacy was originally bred in Texas as a working dog in the mid-1800s to trap line, blood track and herd cattle. Great with kids. Hog Dog at work. This breed is also used for hog hunting, blood trailing, treeing, bird hunting, agility, and search and rescue. They have been wormed and will be wormed again and recieve their first set of shots before they leave. Size, Proportion, Substance Size: Height at the withers is from 43 to 56 cm. We will never have any other breed of dog, as they are just so intelligent. She's wicked smart and easy to house train. Jul 23, 2019 · In 2005, the Blue Lacy was officially declared the State Dog of Texas. They are smart dogs & mine house trained within 24 hours. Jul 12, 2011 · problems with my blue lacy. The Blue Lacy is used for both herding and droving tasks. Blue Lacy, Lacy Game Dog, Texas Blue Lacy, Lacy Hog Dog The Lacy, more commonly known as the Blue Lacy, is truly an American dog, coming from the heart of Texas. Blue Lacy. Dedicated to getting American Blue Lacys recognized, we are owners, breeders and enthusiasts that are passionate about Blue Lacy Dogs. Blue Lacy Dogs in general are intelligent, intense, active, and alert. There a. It is also popular as Texas Blue Lacy or Lacy Hog dog. They are intelligent, active and alert. They run raccoons up the trees and and bay feral hogs. (Her new puppy is a Blue Lacy mixed with Border Collie, he’s 8 months old and has already out-grown her) Got an email that my first book for classes has shipped. Reportedly a combination of blood hound, wolf, coyote, and greyhound, Lacy's are natural cattle herders and hunters. The Blue Lacy is a multipurpose working dog native to the United States, specifically the state of Texas. The light gun-metal gray to almost black Lacy's are classified in color as blue. These dogs were bred to herd free-range hogs and drive them to livestock markets. He comes from Flying W Kennels who are well known for their Lacy hog dogs. Suitable for a watch  blue lacy dog photo | True Blue Lacy Hog Dogs - National Lacy Dog Association. DEVELOPMENT: The Lacys are noted to be the result of Greyhound/scenthound/coyote cross with the emphasis on the herding/droving characteristics. The Lacy was first recognized in 2001 by the Texas Senate. 436, the 77th Legislature honored the Lacy as "a true Texas Aug 19, 2010 · They all claim to be hog hunters too! But, very few of them ever put their dogs anywhere but in the front of a truck. 16 week old male Blue Lacy pup. A Blue Lacy left along in a yard for any length of time will probably bring its owner home presents of dead animals ranging in size from a lizard to a raccoon. Americanlisted has classifieds in Seguin, Texas for dogs and cats. $300. They still need a lot of work. A family of hog ranchers is responsible for breeding the blue Lacy dog, itself has worked its way into the hearts of many hunters and families across the nation . Activities Trackstar's Blue Jean Baby. Dogspuppiesforsale. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers In 2005, the Blue Lacy dog was designated the official breed of Texas. [2] The Lacy was first recognized in 2001 by the Texas Senate. The dam is also registered in the LGDR as well. This selection took place almost 150 years after Kentucky’s Lacy brothers — Frank, George, Ewing, and Harry — arrived in the Lone Star State and began developing working dogs that could bay the biggest, meanest hogs and the wildest cattle. When it comes to conformation, form follows function. K-Bar has been hunting alongside lightning for several years now. That dog on a chain pic would also send most of them off huffing and screaming abuse! The truth is that Lacys bring big money whether they are worth it, or not, mostly because the blue color catches folk's eye. Robbie Membership is open to all Lacy dog breeders who have registered Lacy dogs, from any registry. He is ve Blue lacy dogs. Apr 19, 2012 · Unusual Breed: Lacy Game Dog The Lacy Game dog is also known as the blue Lacy, red Lacy, Lacy dog, Lacy hog dog, and Texas Lacy game dog. Parents are hunting dogs. He has a muscular build that gives him unmatched speed, long range, and the ability to hunt all day. Had to leave 2 hogs in the bottom of a canyon. Looking for the ideal Blue Lacy Hog Dog Gifts? Come check out our giant selection of T-Shirts, Mugs, Tote Bags, Stickers and More. Baying. “That dog? It’s the Energizer Bunny of dogs. A variety of dog breeds have been shown to be useful in hog hunting including several breeds of hounds (walker, blue tick, black and tan, and plott), and livestock working dogs such as blue lacy, pit bull (used primarily to catch and hold the hogs rather than trail), and even border collies. 0863. Over the course of time, they developed the dog that we now know as the Lacy, to be used as a ranch dog, and primarily to round up hogs. Texas Blue Lacy #Dog #Puppy Hog Dog, Blue Lacy, Hog Hunting,. Active Duty Outdoors 108,839 views. THEY ARE USED AS TRAP LINE DOGS TO FIND THE VARMINTS AFTER THEY DRAG THE TRAPS OFF AND STILL USED AS VARMINT HUNTING DOGS, Posted Breed: Blue Lacy (short coat). Tucker is a working dog, he looks and acts like a Blue Lacy, which is the state dog of Texas. LACY DOG STORY. THEY ARE POPULAR WITH DEER HUNTERS AS BLOOD TRAILING DOGS. The red and tricolored dogs are also called Blue Lacy because of the blue gene inherent in them. Hope that helps. The Blue Lacy was developed in the mid 19th century by the Lacy family, Frank, Harry, Ewin and George all brothers who moved from Kentucky to Hill Country Texas in 1858. These dogs probably on average will weigh 65 to 75 pounds. About Blue Lacy Dogs Four Lacy brothers Frank, George, Ewin, and Harry, moved from Kentucky to Burnet County, Texas, in 1858, bringing the founding stock of the Lacy dog breed with them. He has had his shots and wormed. Pig Hunting Dogs, Hog Hunting, Hog Dog, Blue. It was developed in the mid-19th century by the Lacy family, to which its name is attributed. Blue Lacy It is a breed of working dog that originated in Texas (United States) in the mid-19th century, and it is the only breed of dog which originated in the State of Texas. Blue Lacy x Catahoula Puppies for sale in Cleveland, Texas $200 Share it or review it. Learn about true blue Lacy Dogs, find Lacy puppies from working breeders, learn about hunting and herding with Lacy Dogs, and more. Sep 25, 2019 · The Blue Lacy Dog is a hunting and herding dog breed from Texas in the U. 8 May 2013 Burnet resident Fred Oglesby holds on to two of his blue Lacy dogs for a Oglesby pointed out the Lacy breed hunt typical game such as hogs,  “Blue Lacys are good all-around working dogs,” Riley adds. 532 likes. They are also fast breeds and have good wind noses that are able to spot hogs. The Lacy Dog is also known as the Blue Lacy, Lacy Hog Dog and Texas Lacy He was originally created as an aide to ranchers, cowboys, hunters and  Looking for started or finished Hog Dogs? Dan Moody has some of the best hogs dogs in the state of Texas, these dogs hunt Blue is a 7 year old catahoula. When the Lacy’s moved from Kentucky to Texas in 1858, they found a need for a hog dog and through breeding of Greyhounds, scent hounds and coyotes, the Blue Lacy was born. They started with a Greyhound and a wolf then grew the resulting puppies into all-around working dogs that had high speed and strived to work. Lacy Dogs were created for the express purpose of finding and baying wild hogs. These dogs are green. He The Blue Lacy was a dog breed developed in the 1800s as a working dog. The original main purpose of the breed was for wild hog hunting. See more A working dog hailing from Texas, the Blue Lacy dog is a bold, intelligent, and active breed that was originally bred to work feral hogs. Nov 16, 2018 · The Blue Lacy is a medium-sized, purebred dog which is a working breed that originated in Texas, the US in the mid 19th Century. At ten weeks old she found her The Blue Lacy or Lacy Dog [1] is a breed of working dog that originated in Texas in the mid-19th century, the only dog breed to have originated in that state. head and muscular build. They will be ready for new homes 4/12/13. The Blue Lacy has many nicknames including the Lacy Cur, the Lacy Hog Dog or simply the Lacy dog. Parents are hunting do. The Blue Lacy's Beginnings. He is a larger dog with a blocky . Lacy Game Dog. It originally belongs to United States. anna · #dogs#hog dogs#working dogs blue bonnet lacy 2 by julie neumann lacy cow dog 10 by julie neumann huntingdogbreeds. We have ten Blue Lacy puppies! Lacy dogs are hunters, trackers, guardian dogs, especially bred for hunting down feral hogs. These are energetic and dedicated dogs capable of outworking the most indefatigable clan of ranchers. We also have a side project, the Muerte Cur, which are mutts bred specifically to be gritty hog dogs. His parents are already on your site shown “treeing a raccoon. This working dog was created during the 19 th century Texas, and is still the only breed of dog to originate there. Some will cover a bark. The female is complete blood but is not signed up. List your kennel with us and advertise that you are a breeder, trainer or handler. This is a result of the fact that the breed originates from a coyote, greyhound, and scenthound mix. It better be the correct book. Character: Easy to train and easy to handle, Blue Lacys are spectacular workmen and pets. There are a good many breeds that have served as catch dogs, including the American Pit Bull Terrier and American Bulldog, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, and Great Danes. Good luck!!! They (Roy and his Dad) always called them the Hindes' Blue Dogs. 7 males and 2 females. If you buy a dog after you hunted with the dog, there will not be a 30 day trial. Kennel hounds, dogs and all kinds of cats Find Blue Lacy Puppies for Sale and Blue Lacy Dogs for Adoption from around the world in our dog classifieds directory, or advertise your Blue Lacy puppies and Blue Lacy dog litters for free. These pups are almost 4 weeks old and will be ready to leave us on 9/19. A WELL STARTED DOG is a dog that has been in 10-20 hunts. The Blue Lacy is a rare breed that tends to be passed on as a ‘Silver Lab’ mix or a Weimaraner mix. dewormed and first set of shots $300. It just keeps going and going and going…” Origins. $200. My brother in law has a Dogo he uses in Michigan is there are problem hogs. Jan 14, 2018 · I’ve never been one to hog hunt with dogs, but people I know like catahoulas for bay dogs. Lacys were brought to the Texas Hill Country by the four La… Self-Portrait of a Texas Cowboy: Ass Over Teakettle Today in Texas history: Official Texas State Dog, The Blue Lacy. Lacys have the perfect mix of agility, intelligence and instinct to properly work wild hogs. These are LDBR registered Blue Lacy Puppies for sale. The blue Lacy was developed using English shepherd, greyhound and wolf stock by the Lacy brothers of Texas. 1:36. Some people have taken to calling the entire breed Blue Lacys, but just like Black Labs are really black Labrador Retrievers, Blue Lacys are blue Lacy Dogs. Jun 07, 2018 · Blue Lacy is named after the Lacy brothers of Texas, who developed them in the 19th century for rounding up wild hogs. The Blue Lacy is also referred to as the "Lacy Dog" or simply "Lacy" and is a breed that appeared a few centuries ago in the Southwestern United States. Registered Blue Lacy pups for sale out of tracking/hunting dogs. All Lacy's have minimal to full white markings on their brisket and most of the time on paw or paws. These dogs never have been and never will be sold as purebreds. Wondering if anyone has long term experience with the Blue Lacy breed. goes from Hog hunting to cattle work! dog vs coyote real life fights caught on camera. For more information about the content and how to order it, click here . 3/4 Catahoula 1/4 Blue Lacy Puppies - 2 Males, 6 Females. 10 Aug 2018 As he grew up and got into hog hunting, that fascination became an absolute passion. Proud LDBA Breeder of awesome Lacy Game Dogs! Let freedom ring! Texas Blue Lacy Post by bristolblue's » Tue May 15, 2012 12:51 am I was wondering if any body had hunted bear and lions with this breed of dog, or perhaps coon or bobcat, was interested in knowing what this breed of dogs are able to do, any info about these dogs hunting qualites would be much appricated Blue Lacy Dogs in general are intelligent, intense, active, and alert. Though they are now used for hog hunting, herding cattle, trailing wounded game and running trap lines, properly bred Blue Lacys (and Red Lacys and Tri Lacys, the blues are just more popular) are very driven dogs with a high energy level and tenacious personality. A Blue Lacy is a lightly built but well proportioned dog whose stature exudes strength, Originally developed for hog herding, their working dog purpose has expanded into general herding, hunting, and tracking. They will have a vet check, their shots, and our love. Blue lacy dogs. com is composed of a team of dog lovers and we have first-hand experience on how to make your dogs happy. With trapper numbers at best static, it is a prime target for the anti’s attacks. Whereas, The Blue Lacy is a Texas native, a working dog bred to play an essential role in ranch operations, and a dog whose original breeders played a critical part in the building Blue Lacy. They are unbelievable canines but we do not have the time Oct 4, 2013 - Explore darrendriscoll's board "Blue Lacy", followed by 443 people on Pinterest. Hog DogBlue   Originally created to work feral hogs and as an all-around working breed for ranchers, cowboys, hunters and trappers, the American Blue Lacy is being bred for  The Blue Lacy was developed in the 1800s to help with herding, hunting, and ranch work in Texas. The life expectancy of this dog is very high as it can live up to 16 years. This dog is known for being the state dog of Texas and possesses a true country spirit; they are diligent, alert, and always complete a task. A super strong and easy to train dog that was purpose bred in Texas should  The Legislature declared the Blue Lacy the official dog breed of Texas on May 25 , feral hog population has also helped boost the dogs' popularity as hunting  7 Jun 2018 Blue Lacy is named after the Lacy brothers of Texas, who developed them in the 19th century for rounding up wild hogs. See more ideas about Pig hunting, Hunting dogs and Pig hunting dogs. Also a GREAT family dog. Lightning is an all around working dog who’s talents include cattle herding & tracking, although he is primarily our lead strike dog for hog hunting. It is too bad he has no interest in taking a more active role with the breed, but he has great stories. (Texas Blue Lacy Game Dog) The origin of the unusual slate blue coat and nose is a genetic rarity. This is such an intelligent breed of dog, that sometimes their intelligence surpasses the owner. Blue Lacy, Lacy Game Dog, Texas Blue Lacy, Lacy Hog Dog to exceptionally well, and are able to function as hunters, herders, and companions equally well. THEY ARE POPULAR WITH THE BORDER PATROL BECAUSE OF THEIR SENSITIVE NOSE. The Blue Lacy is known for its speed, hunting, and survival traits. Though commonly called the blue Lacy, this is a bit of a misnomer as not all Lacys are solid blue. Family oriented and breeding only proven working dogs. The basics: Named in 2005 as the state dog of Texas, the Blue Lacy was originally developed in the mid-1800s as a working breed used to drive free-range hogs, a task that demanded strength, spirit, and the ability to work. and stood roughly 24 inches tall. Originally called Lacy Hog Dogs, this breed was created to find and gather feral pigs in the Texas Hill Country. ” …although many breeds and mixes have certainly brought food to the table! The Lacy Dog or Blue Lacy Dog is a breed of working dog that originated in Texas in the Developed to be both hunting and herding dogs, they display great drive and determination to work with big game and control Lacys generally exhibit herding instincts and can be trained to compete in stock dog trials or hog bays. I do not know of anyone who strictly tree hunt with them. With an energy reserve and drive unmatched by most, they are revered in their home state for the talent they display in just about anything they put their ‘paw’ to. Nugget is a blue heeler/ weiner dog. Blue Lacy hog dog Another dog you might consider that is very similar to the Blue Lacy is a Black Mouth Curr. We have one Tri male available. They have a distinctly different look and style from the Lacy Dogs. My neighbor down in S Tx had one and it was a good dog that was lightening fast and had incredible stamina and could handle the heat. Prior to 2005, the breed actually suffered, nearly dying out as the demand for working dogs of its caliber dropped along with the prevalence of ranching. Today the Blue Lacy is considered to be the perfect all-around dog, with the Lacy family history noting the breed to come from a mix of scent-hound, greyhound and coyote cross. It was the dog’s capabilities like charging at the hogs, tracking and retrieving a game by taking a cue of the wounded animal’s blood saved the dog While the Blue Lacy is not ideal for hunting in which a firearm will be used, they are great trackers and they work well with hunters that use bow and traps. They are very smart dogs and train easily. This breed gets its name from the original family who bred them. The Lacy Dog is often referred to as a “Blue Lacy” but there are technically three permissible colors: blue, red and tri-color (blue with tan markings and a small amount of white). Would make great cow dogs, hog hunting dogs, or blood tracking dogs. So I recently purchased a Blue Lacy deer tracking dog, and I am looking to train her with live kills. Some will hunt with the older dogs. Vet physical @6 weeks. We provide expert advice on basic to advanced dog care, from walking your dog, potty training and performing click training. This working dog was created during the 19th century Texas, and is still the only breed of dog to originate there. His temperament was excellent, very friendly and never once nipped or bit at anyone. He has an autistic boy and has one Blue Lacy that is trained just for his autistic boy. Texas Blue Lacy dogs aint for the faint of heart! They're hog hunting & herding dogs & our state dog too. Their gentle sureness ensures them the requisite versatility to handle the surliest of hogs and the most jitteriest of hens. 8-30-2019: BLUE LACY PUPS. The NLDA is a registered non-profit in the state of Texas, dedicated to promoting the Lacy Dog as true working Dec 05, 2014 · I am interested in purchasing a Blue Lacy puppy from a reputable breeder located in the SE. The Lacy mingles great looks with a confident air and fine hunting talent. These herding and hunting dogs thrived in the Southwest as excellent farm hands Lacy Dog Lacy Hog Dog Blue Lacy Game Dog Texas Blue Lacy Game Dog Frog ,Dog,Rhino and Gorrila Tattoo Collection. Both breeds were later expanded to become all-around working dogs for farmers, hunters and trappers. They have the high drive and high energy needed to hunt all day. Lacys were created to work feral pigs in the 1850s and many still hunt and bay hogs today. for sale, I have a litter of blue lacy young puppies. Although it was recognized as a true Texas breed in 2001, the 79th Legislature of the State of Texas designated the Blue Lacy as the official State Dog Breed of Texas in 2005. If you have not already gone to the Blue Lacy web page (lacydog. They were never meant to live in suburbia, stuck indoors or in small yards. They are extremely high energy, they need mental as well as physical exercise, so pick at least one job for them and work toward it from day one. He loves people and wants to protect them. The lacy is a working breed and does much better when given a job, which allows them to burn off excessive energy. "Lacys at a Bay Competition— Sadie (blue Lacy) and Brutus (red Lacy) compete in a hog baying competition. Some people blood trail deer with them. Interestingly enough, a breed capable of handling the meanest boar or longhorn cattle is very sensitive to yelling and is great with kids. They were born on 6-03-2014. Blue Lacy is the state dog of Texas. b: Educate Blue Lacy […] Jul 7, 2018- Blue Lacy, Lacy Dog, Lacy Game Dog, Texas Blue Lacy, Lacy Hog Dog. Blue Lacy, Lacy Cur dog, Lacy Hog Dog, state dog of Texas digital. After all, the Blue Lacy is the first known dog breed to originate in Texas. All pups have blue eyes and beautiful coloring. They bred the dog to work hogs that were free roaming but the exact mix that went into the development is not known. The breed was recognized for the first time in the year 2001 by the Texas Senate, According to the resolution N ° 436 of the 77 ° Legislature, in which honoured the We have ten Blue Lacy puppies! Lacy dogs are hunters, trackers, guardian dogs, especially bred for hunting down feral Gainesville Texas Pets and Animals 600 $ for sale, I have 4 red/blue lacy pups born July 6 2015. 7680. They are sold without a trial or guarantee. May 13, 2015 · I got my Lacy dog after reading Tracking Dogs for finding Wounded Deer by John Jeanneney. Lacys are poised and alert; strong, muscular and active; intelligent in expression and symmetrical in outline. This breed is known for its strong working drive, intelligence, good health, and high energy level. As they get older they strap armor on the dogs to protect them from the hogs tusks. Trackstar's Cooper. blue lacy hog hunting dogs

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